IBDL represents mainly exclusive brands all over Europe, were we focus on total distribution towards retail and large e-tail. Our way of distributing products goes much further than your typical distributor and we definitely are not here just to move boxes. We take care of the brands as if they are our own. Our services include, but are not limited to: Import, Logistics, Sales, Marketing, Distribution Merchandising, Service and Support. With our offices in Poland and Croatia we are even more than ever capable to fulfil our slogan, “THINK GLOBAL, ACT LOCAL”. With these offices we provide local support with the full assistance of our head office which is located in the Netherlands in the harbor area of the amazing metropolitan city of Rotterdam were our main warehouse is located.

As Dutch company we started business development in our own BeNeLux region (Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg) were our sales & merchandising team is visiting over 500 retail stores to ensure the brands of IBDL are being presented in the correct way, that store staff is trained and to present service where needed. Our goal is to achieve the same level of service in all the regions we serve.

We care for the environment and have invested in several environmentally conscious solutions without making our daily operations more expensive than any other regular business because of our long term strategy. Some examples in how we fulfil this goal are; our vehicle fleet consists over 50% of full electronic vehicles, the main office has 400+ solar panels installed on the roof of the warehouse and all our offices have LED lightning and are equipped with smart home solutions.

IBDL has a long and successful experience with importing and distributing media players, accessories, gadgets, audio and smart home products and on the European market. We deliver a high valuable range of products and are always expanding our locations in Europe to meet the highest support level towards our international clients. The history of IBDL goes back to 2002, were our Managing Director laid the foundation for the company IBDL is today. With 15 years of experience, we established a team, clear vision and portfolio to ensure a European growth of our retail business during the years ahead of us.

Service & Support
IBDL has its own professional but very personal service center that takes care of all possible issues one might encounter. With our own repair service and very extensive opening hours we make sure the end user is satisfied and his or her problem is solved adequately. We service everybody in the complete chain, so you do not have to worry your end user will come back to you with difficult questions. RMA is in 95% of the cases handled and shipped back the same day as it gets in. The service center is supported by a team of very capable and professional product managers and experts in order to get the job done.

Logistics & Localization
Our Logistics department handles all in an outgoing shipments during weekdays till 21.00 and make sure all goes out in time. With the help of the local warehouses we are able to get parcels all over Europe if needed within 24 hours. The department is also equipped with a complete assembling line where we can customize products based on our client’s requests. Among the services are building in HDD, components like Wi-Fi Modules, localize products by changing or adapting packaging, putting in manuals in any desired language and make sure the right power supply for the designated area is included.

IBDL in the future
The key goal for us is to get recognition in all parts of Europe and beyond by finding new partners for our European business. To ensure continues growth of our European operations in the next years we will present our package of brands, products and services to a wide public of key retailers.

IBDL is focusing on the European market, our current- and upcoming offices are all chosen because of the positive geographical locations and local market opportunities.

• Our HQ is in the middle of Europe’s largest sea port area around Rotterdam, The Netherlands
• Our office in Poland providing our portfolio to one of Europe’s fastest growing retail markets and its location is close to the German and Czech border
• Our office in Croatia covering the entire Balkan peninsula plus a part of South-East Europe
• Our upcoming office(s) will be carefully selected based on the needs of our (new)customers

Service in this is to bring a customized solution to our retail partner(s) based on their requirements vs. our possibilities vs. the demand from their local market. We work close with our partners to achieve ultimate goals. Since we offer a wide package from product development towards after sales service and support, we are very flexible with required activities in each local market. Our strength is to adapt to the channel based on the requirements from our local partner. We are growing strongly inside the European region due to our specialized approach and knowledge of retail business combined with a strong product portfolio. We feel that retailers look for specialized vendors who can bring them extra value.


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